Monday, November 10, 2008

Image processing – Edge Detection filters with c++ and GDI+

This article explains 2 different ways to do edge detection: first method is based on: Sobel , Prewitt and Kirsh and the second one is based on the difference between pairs of pixel around the current pixel.

Download a remote file from a valid URL in C++

You can use this code to download a remote file from a valid URL using API functions or MFC classes

Image Processing - Convolution Filters with c++ and GDI+

A brief description of several useful convolution filters which allows you to apply various effects on photos for certain features.

Using Ajax with Javascript and PHP

In this article we'll discuss the basic principles of remote scripting using Ajax, (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) to allow web pages to be updated without the user having to wait for a page refresh.

How to Create CAPTCHA Protection using PHP

Describe how to create CAPTCHA Protection using PHP. It is used to prevent spam abuse on the websites.

Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6

In IE 6 if your webpage contains an image that has a transparent background in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, the image background may appear to be gray rather than transparent.

This article describe how to display transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Capturing Video on J2ME devices

The Mobile Media API extends the functionality of the J2ME platform by providing audio, video, and other time-based multimedia support to resource-constrained devices. As a simple and lightweight optional package, it gives Java developers access to native multimedia services available on a given device.

In this article you can find a very useful application for capturing video on J2ME devices.

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